vendredi 14 mai 2010

# Underground City by 陈欣阳 (Chen Xinyang)

Here is the second (out of three) projects I wanted to publish from Thomas Leeser's graduate studio at Pratt Institute. Just like Martin Byrne, Xinyang Chen went from Vito Acconci's studio (see her previous project) to Leeser's. This time, she designed and dramatized an Underground City for "cowards and mad men" who are running away from the surface. The result is a mysterious piece of architecture designed almost like an automatic writing (see André Breton), intuitive product of her imagination. "Form follows dirt" she says.

Introduction Text:
Underground City is a dark place for leftover people, especially those who scared by the above ground world; themes of it are hidden and discover, stolen and intimate, lost and vanishing. The thing underground citizens ( people call them coward or madman/woman ) do is wonder around; there do have some interesting places to go. For example, a museum of thing should be forgotten. The underground city could under anywhere, but i would like to let it under midtown Manhattan.