mercredi 26 mai 2010

# Manual of Decolonization by Salottobuono

The Manual of Decolonization is a book created by Salottobuono in the frame of the research Decolonizing Architecture (already evoked here) lead by Eyal Weizman, Alessandro Petti and Sandi Hilal. This research starts with the scenario of successful negotiations between Palestinians and Israeli that would lead to the suppression of colonies established in the West Bank and the application of the Right to Return for Palestinian refugees. However, the project does not necessarily implies a total withdrawal of Israeli but rather investigates propositions that annihilate the asymmetrical military that characterize colonies. In this regard Salottobuono propose ten steps of "decolonization" that would actually change the status of the settlements into the architecture of a pacific cohabitation.
In fact in 2005, when the Gaza strip had been decolonized by the Sharon administration, the strategical aspect of this decision implied a strategical decolonization by the Israeli State. In fact, the totality of buildings were destroyed in order for Palestinian not to be able to appropriate them. The only buildings that remained were Synagogues that were obviously destroyed by the Palestinian in front of the cameras that daily feed the hate and fear between the two People.
The process of decolonization proposed by those collectives is therefore crucial in the attempt of a durable co-existence if the negotiations lead to agreements at some point.

Manual of Decolonization: printed edition available on the AA bookstore's website.
with Decolonizing Architecture, Haudenschild Garage, Barbara Modolo, Manuel Singer, Alessandro Zorzetto.
more on Salottobuono's website.

The introduction text to the workshop and exhibition Decolonizing Architecture can be read here.

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