samedi 29 mai 2010

# Rue Abu Jamil by Alexis Monchovet & Stéphane Marchetti

Rue Abu Jamil is a documentary filmed by two French journalists Alexis Monchovet & Stéphane Marchetti who thus depict the daily life in the Gaza strip. Two excerpts of this documentary are visible online and the first one is particularly interesting since it explores one of the numerous tunnel that cross the border between Rafah (Gaza) and Egypt. Those holey complexes are the main target of the Israeli army which regularly destroy the zone via their F16 or their armored bulldozer D9 (see previous post about the documentary Death in Gaza).
The videos are unfortunately subtitled in French...

Rue Abu Jamil - Extrait 3 HD from Playprod on Vimeo.

Rue Abu Jamil - Extrait 2 HD from Playprod on Vimeo.

To go further about the tunnel complexes, read the previous article about Edwin Agudelo for the US/Mexico border and Bryan Finoki's article about tunnels on subtopia.

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