dimanche 16 mai 2010

# Restoration by Ilkka Halso

Restoration is a photographic project by Finnish artist Ilka Halso. She elaborated absurd scenes of human interventions on an archetypal nature, dramatizing a state of renovation on plants that symptomasizes a blind confidence for technology. This feeling is reinforced by the total absence of people on those beautiful photographs.

Found on Arkinet via La Periferia Domestica

4 commentaires:

Pix a dit…

A very good artist indeed, but Restoration is not exactly her latest project. This one dates from 2000 and her most famous work, Museum of Nature, started in 2003... there is a normal evolution between these 2 works.

Léopold Lambert a dit…

Arg ! Thanks Pico. My egocentrism made me define my own chronology (I remember Museum of Nature on Archiact) for the official one (However I do prefer Renovation to Museum of Nature).

Pix a dit…

Both interesting, don't you think ?
But in a kind i agree with you (i prefer this more realistic work than the fantasy one of Museum !)

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