jeudi 23 septembre 2010

# Beyond no.3 Trends and Fads

The third issue of Beyond (see previous post 1 & 2) has been released. This journal edited by Pedro Gadanho (read his manifesto for boiteaoutils) is smartly investigating current issues by means of essays and short stories, coherently gathered around a specific theme. This third opus is entitled Trends and Fads and attempt to question the factors of influence of the current architectural scene.

The contributors to those essays and short stories are:
Ole Bouman, Martha Cooley, Mockitecture, MOOV & DASS, Oren Safdie, Georg Simmel, Giovanna Borasi, Valéry Didelon, Krunoslav Ivanišin, Kieran Long, Marcosandmarjan, Ines Weizman, Jimenez Lai, Vanessa Liaw.