lundi 20 septembre 2010

# Underground by David Macaulay

Underground is an incredible children book published in 1976 and drawn and written by David Macaulay. It is supposed to be a didactic and schematic explanation about the urban underground (foundations, sewers, subways etc.) but thanks to superb axonometrics from below and without the earth, this book acquire a beautiful artistic dimension. One would have then noticed the humorous touch of placing characters on those drawings' ground which fits with the lowest level of the buildings' foundations.

Underground by David Macaulay. Boston : Houghton Mifflin, 1976

Other books
by Macaulay are available on google books (to some extents) including Unbuilding

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Unknown a dit…

Those drawings are stunning. They could be part of the Cités Obscures. I can imagine a underground world whose inhabitants could see the upperground from below but not establish any contact with it. A few mysterious access between the two worlds would remain through the sewers.
Great find, thanks.

Léopold Lambert a dit…

True story ! I happen to know a little bit Francois Schuiten, I should send him that !!!

translation service a dit…

It was supposed to be a didactic and schematic explanation on urban land foundations, sewers, metro, etc, but thanks to super axonometrics young and landless, this gain size beautiful book art.

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These drawings are excellent. That could be part of dark cities. I can not imagine an underground world where people could see the top floor below, but do not make any contact with her.

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