lundi 11 octobre 2010

# Vision Haptique by Salem Mostefaoui (OzCollective)

"Voyez, la vue optique, ce serait la vue éloignée, relativement éloignée, au contraire l’exercice haptique ou la vue haptique, c’est la vue proche qui saisit la forme et le fond sur le même plan également proche."

"See the optic vision, it would be a far vision, relatively far away, on the contrary the haptic vision, it is a close vision that grasp form and content on the same plan close as well."

Vision Haptique is a series of twenty two photographs created by Salem Mostefaoui who is part of our friends' collective Oz. As the Deleuze's quote indicates, Salem tries to approach this antinomic haptic vision (haptic being what belong to the sense of touch) and to extract from each of those photographed buildings "a built truth that attempts to gather the architectural concept and its physical reality." In his approach of this method, he understands his work as being infinite.

When I contacted him to write this short article Salem referred to some photographers whose work has similarities in the approach of architecture:
- Perry Roberts
- Christobal Palma
- Nicolas Moulin
- Kim Høltermand

The complete series of visible on OzCollective's website

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