mardi 7 octobre 2008

# Drawing The motive force of architecture by Peter Cook

Peter Cook last book/essay about drawings as a crucial mean of existence of architecture. (Bravo Nicoleta pour la couverture !)

Miroslav Sik. Suburb of Tolbiac, Paris, France 1989

Neil Denari. Tokyo International Forum Competition 1989

Yuri Avvakumov and Yuri Kuzin. Red tower (Homage to Vladimir Tatlin), 1986

Arthur Beresford Pite. Design for a West End Club House, London, UK, 1882

Marc Fornes with Vincent Novak and Claudia Corcilius (Theverymany). Exploration on explicit and encoded processes of growth, 2006

Daniel Libeskind. Little Universe 1979

CJ Lim. Soho Threshold Wardour St Old Compton Street, London, UK 1995

Günther Domenig. Steinhaus, Steindor am Ossiacher See, Austria, 1985

William Heath Robinson. Carrying out the Correspondence Course for Mountain Climbing in the Home, 1928

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