samedi 11 décembre 2010

# Basento Viaduct by Sergio Musmeci

The Basento Viaduct is a bridge built in 1969 in Potenza (Italy) whose structure is assured by a continuous surface that minimize its area while maximizing its structural function.
Its engineer, Sergio Musmeci thus managed to create a magnificent concrete surface whose aesthetics directly derived from its optimization. The beauty of this bridge also emerges from the experience for people to walk on this surface as a second functional layer.

found on La Periferia Domestica (see also on core-form-ula)

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Amusant comme mon twitt de la semaine passée a circulé! Vous trouverez une monographie ici:
Et mon dernier post, qui aboutit à Musmeci:

nico^p a dit…

Ce pont était à l'honneur, à l’arsenal, lors de la dernière biennale d'architecture de Venise.
La courbure de la structure fait tourner la tête.
Chouette réalisation

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Sergio Musmeci’s very cultured and refined activity is the answer to those who believe that the studies concerning the relationship between architecture and mathematics are much too theoretical. Musmeci is one of the most daring and transgress engineers born in the twentieth century;

Olivia a dit…

Wow~ I never seen a bridge like this ever. Very fascinating to look at.
Thanks for sharing.

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