samedi 4 décembre 2010

# Stadium Tower in Detroit by Kendra James

Last May, I published two of the three projects (Another Dance Macabre and Underground City) from Thomas Leeser's studio in Pratt Institute that I wanted to show; here is the third one.
Stadium Tower in Detroit is a project narrated by Kendra James who proposes a monument to Detroit's status of "ruin-city" by erecting a frenzied building hosting a bunch of various sizes stadium and a car-park race track.
This project is the expression of the non-thaumaturge power of architecture and thus an invitation to sublimate problems rather than trying to solve them.

2 commentaires:

pharmacy escrow a dit…

wow looks awesome, but almost impossible, this certainly would be the best stadium ever build, I love the idea, thank you so much

Kate a dit…

You've done it really great! Simply talented. How did you do that?
I am totally amazed with your works.

Kate from luminaire solaire d'extérieur