dimanche 19 décembre 2010

# Maslennikov Kitchen Factory

The Maslennikov Kitchen Factory is situated in Samara in the center of Russia and presents the curious characteristics of adopting the shape of the Sovietic Hammer and Sickle.
This building is currently in the middle of a preservationist battle confronted to its potential destruction. In the case of its destruction, it would be interesting to look at the footprint the building would have leave, in the way of a monumental ideological stamp.

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The canteen’s former owner reversed plans to knock the building down two years ago after an outcry in local and foreign media, but officials from the current owners, Samarsky Passazh, said in July that they would knock it down and replace it with a 30-story shopping complex.

luan a dit…

Thanks for sharing an information about it @ONLINE pharmacy.
Will this satellite map in google make changes right away?

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