mardi 5 janvier 2010

# Berkeley in the sixties by Mark Kitchell

Berkeley in the sixties is a 1990 documentary by Mark Kitchell exploring a decade of demonstration and activism from the University of California's students. Those demonstration started to obtain a full freedom of speech within the campus and lead to fights for black civil rights, end of the war in Vietnam, requisition of land for communities and women liberation. This movement more or less ended with the violent intervention of military forces (helicopter, nauseous gazes, gun shots) on the campus of the University of California.
It is difficult for me to imagine such a political awareness in nowadays Western world. Some might say that we also reached a state where few things only can be considered shocking, I would argue that the institutional system understood that it needed to be more sly in order to survive but nowadays social violence and continuous manipulation are still in the core of the Western world.

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