jeudi 7 janvier 2010

# Paris' 1910 great flood

Exactly a century ago, the brand new Paris (an incredible amount of so called "hausmanien" buildings have been built from 1900 to 1910) was flooded of 8 meters (around 30 feet) above the normal level of the Seine river. During one week, Parisians had to adapted their way of experiencing the city and even for an important amount of them, moved out and gathered in shelters all over the city.
This kind of flood is supposed to happen once every century, therefore this 100th anniversary is not a simple commemoration, but almost a prophecy of what will probably occur in the coming years.
In that regard, in 2008 the French tv channel France5 released a pseudo-documentary describing Paris' 2011 great flood.
Here is the link towards the four videos:

Those next pictures comes from a small article published by French newspaper Liberation today.

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Current exhibition in Paris about this incredible moment :

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