jeudi 14 janvier 2010

# Doctruck at Studio-X: "Land and Noise, Space and Silence"

Thursday, 1/14, 6:30pm: Doctruck at Studio-X: "Land and Noise, Space and Silence"

A selection of experimental non-narratives that explore cities of silence, suburbs of noise, indoor discomfort and a prison wall. Presented by Doctruck, a "traveling, sporadic, fun, depressing and possibly experimental documentary series" curated by RACHAEL RAKES. Special appearances by filmmakers BENJ GERDES and KATHERIN MCINNIS.


Democratic Looking, Benj Gerdes, 1:30, 2008
Horizon Line, Katherin McInnis, 1:00, 2009
Null X, Jans Groot, 6:00, 2004
The Shutdown, Adam Stafford, 10:00, 2009
In Order Not To Be Here, Deborah Stratman, 33:00, 2002
And recent work by Pawel Wojtasik


Free and open to the public

180 Varick Street, STE 1610, New York City

1 train to Houston Street

[Studio-X is a downtown studio for experimental design and research run by the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation of Columbia University.]

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