mardi 19 janvier 2010

# HETEROTOPIAS IN CINEMA /// Beyond by Koji Morimoto (Animatrix)

The haunted house is a paradigm of the heterotopia. A close environment, few clear accesses of entrance/exit and inside, a whole bunch of new behaviors and rules.
The short film Beyond by Koji Morimoto within the Animatrix set, seems to be particularly appropriate for what we are interested here. The plot introduces a bunch of kids who discover a house in the city which does not exactly respond to the same usual rules or norms. It is raining inside the house (even if the weather is nice), gravity is not as operative as it is usually, one room directly leads to the nil...if you replace that in the Matrix Universe, one can say that this house is a bug, a failing code which provokes the existence of a magic enjoyable world.
However, just like Georges Canguilhem illustrates in his The Normal and the Pathological, the norm is always trying to re-conquer the anomaly and here there is a special squad trained for the solving of this kind of bug.
It brought us back to our article on the so called madness of people and how, since the XVIIth century (according to Foucault, madness in the Middle Age was not symptomised), we live in a system which either exclude the anomaly or tries to re-educate it.

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