dimanche 7 mars 2010

# Abandonned New York / photographs by Jake Dobkin

Photographer Jake Dobkin a.k.a. Bluejake works mostly in New York and among other things, constituted an interesting data bank of abandoned buildings in the five boroughs.

- Port Morris. Bronx. 2009
- Batcave in Gowanus. Brooklyn. 2010
- Ballroom in Harlem. Manhattan. 2009
- Admiral's Row. Brooklyn. 2009
- Farm Colony. Staten Island. 2009

2 commentaires:

petersigrist a dit…

Great find! Thanks for posting these.

crilo a dit…

I want to suggest a link to an Italian photographer, Fabiano Parisi http://www.fabianoparisi.com/index.htm I saw the photos in person at an exhibition in Rome, really impressive