samedi 6 mars 2010

# Wes Jones / Four projects and an interview

Yaohua Wang, our hyperactive (!) friend from Sci-Arc (see his Carbon project) recently sent me the interview he just released with Lennard Ong of Wes Jones. It seemed thus appropriate to recall some projects of what might be the most interesting architect of the US West Coast...
I am not uninterested by the current projects developed by his office but I think that more radical ideas have been expressed during the 80's on the paper and in the 90's as a built work. Jones, with an accepted naivety, followed Le Corbusier to the word when he said that architecture is a machine for living.
The comic created in 1988 for the California Lifeguard Tower is pretty illustrative of Jones' architectural interpretation of Heidegger and Derrida's conceptualization of the machine -he even evokes Hitchcock's McGuffin which I think is pretty funny. The interview itself seems to me as pretty irregular as far as interest is concerned but is definitely worth it to listen (the part about regulation is pretty interesting for example).

Housing for the Homeless 1985
Robotics Reasearch and Development Facility 1982
California Lifeguard Tower 1988
Rob Brill Residence 1999

Archinterview_WesJones from Foral on Vimeo.

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