jeudi 11 mars 2010

# Contemplating the void / 50th anniversary of the NY Guggenheim

A lot has been already written about the current Guggenheim's exhibition, Contemplating the void, that gathers two hundred artists and architects who have been commissioned to create a work related to the famous and fascinating void of New York's Guggenheim. The interesting thing is that those artists and architects comes from very different backgrounds (generational, influential, geographical etc.), therefore the result is extremely various. A lot of propositions are nevertheless similar probably due to a lack of time and ideas, but thus prove the intellectual poverty of this period.
However, some works are worth looking at and you have here a very little selection of those:

- Doris Salcedo (Bogota): Tribute to Hans Haacke and Edward Fry
- Powerhouse Company (Rotterdam): Tryptich
- Luzinterruptus (Spain): A museum inhabited --> see previous post
- Arne Quinze (Brussels): Untitled --> see previous post
- Mass Studies (Seoul): Art Trap --> see previous post
- TheVeryMany (Brooklyn): Along the void --> see previous post
- N55 (Denmark): Untitled

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