mercredi 21 avril 2010

# Re-Bound-Ary by Joon K. Choi

,Re-Bound-Ary is a student work from the Fine Arts Department of Pratt Institute by Joon K. Choi. Her beautiful and poetic work deals with the ambiguity of architecture gigantism, both fascinating and frightening. The pictures of the buildings plays with their endlessness and their state of construction when they looks like ruins before even having lived (a bit like Bangkok gigantic buildings which have never been fully achieved and are now urban ruins).

Here is the text she wrote about her work:

Joon K Choi have been involved with architectural images and a wide range of materials. In her art, building and clothing images repeat.
Joon likes to contrast two opposite feelings about architecture: fear and gratification. “When I see a skyscraper, I have both feelings at the same time”, she said. This probably is natural because a modern building is a metaphor of economic growth as well as its shadow. Though a skyscraper is regarded as a result of economic success, the success always involves a darker facet.
Based on this feeling, building images always pose to her an existential question; where are we from and where will we go. In history, humans have constructed many buildings for practical or religious reasons. These numerous buildings sometimes disappeared or even have been rebuilt. Even though skyscrapers stand securely and gloriously, it is hard to say that they will exist forever. It seems that all building are in a state of construction or decay and imply the insecure existence of human beings. That is why she likes to think of buildings as being insecurely in the present, between the past and the future.

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Hello > on the school topic >

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Léopold Lambert a dit…

Hi !
Sorry about this mistake. I did change the picture.

aurana a dit…

I really like her work and appreciate the idea behind it. Yes, I agree with your idea of Bangkok and the urban ruins though I never thought of it that way.