dimanche 3 janvier 2010

# Archaelogies of the Future. The Desire called Utopia by Frederic Jameson

I read this Fredric Jameson's book six months ago, and I don't know why I forgot to post a small article about it since I have been extremely interested by its content at that time...
First of all I love absolutely the name of this book. Archaelogies of the Future. The Desire called Utopia. This second sentence is pretty much my own definition of Utopia that I am always comparing to the horizon, something to aim to without being ever able to reach it.
This essay explores the notion of utopia through More and Marx, but more essentially through science fiction novels. The chapter about Stanislaw Lem's literature is particularly interesting in its illustration of an attempt to describe the un-imaginable.

The book has also been translated in French.

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Marienbadly a dit…

It quite boils down to the film 'Things to come.'