samedi 20 novembre 2010

# Mapping holey spaces on Pruned and BldgBlog

I am pretty sure that only few of my readers do not read BLDGBLOG, but I nevertheless wanted to draw attention on a very recent article Geoff Manaugh has been published. This article is a sort of sequel of one Alexander Trevi wrote on Pruned in last February. Both introduce a project that succeeded to 3d-scan a subterranean architecture.
The first one on Pruned is the digital reconstruction (in little dots) of the 2km long tunnel underneath the Mexican city of Guanajato by the artists The North Room. (the project is entitled La Subterranea)
The second one on BLDGBLOG is a similar scan (this time with surfaces and textures application) of the tunnels and caves network of the city of Nottingham. This incredibly rich survey has been organized and effectuated by the local instances of government associated with the University of Nottingham. See the official website of the Nottingham Caves Survey
Geoff published one video on his blog but there are many others and I would like to propose three here which explore three caves of breweries and public houses.

courtesy of the Nottingham Caves Survey

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