lundi 1 novembre 2010

# Subnature by David Gissen

Subnature is a pretty interesting book written by David Gissen that attempts to gather a body of architectural works that take their essence in the consideration of the non-romantic (at least not in the classical meaning of it) elements of nature whether the latter are atmospheric, material or living entities.
The best way to illustrate the content of this book is probably to insert its contents' page:

PART ONE (Atmospheres):
- Dankness
- Smoke
- Gas
- Exhaust

PART TWO (Matter):
- Dust
- Puddles
- Mud
- Debris

- Weeds
- Insects
- Pigeons
- Crowds

All those elements can be the motor of a narrative that ends up into an architectural project such as developed by R&Sie(n), Eyal Weizman, Philippe Rahm or Jorge Otero-Pailos. The interesting thing here, is that nature is considered, not anymore as the docile entity that capitalo-ecology want to "save", but rather as the component of all things, continuously evolving and liberated from any subjectivation.

In a very similar way, David Gissen recently published his edition of AD (the famous English periodic that offer the edition to a different person every two months) that he entitled Territory: Architecture Beyond Environment.